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I'm really embarrassed to say that I didn't even remember my password to get into my blog. That's crazy talk. Hopefully, I'll be back to sharing the fun things I've been up to in first grade. In the meantime, you can always see a glimpse on Instagram. I think it's made me lazy. You know I'm all about sharing photos and I can do JUST that. #sorrynotsorry 

 How is your school year? My year has been a whirlwind which may explain why I haven't been able to blog. We are rolling out many new things in our district. Common assessments, PLCs, new curriculum, new standards, new testing.... sound familiar ? Well, no fear I'm hear to brighten your day  and share some LOVE.  I'm also going to be giving away some of my favorite things so please link up.

My first thing I'm LOVING saves me so much time in the classroom.  I was just introduced to MobyMax and all it’s features a few months back. Boy am I LOVING this resource and I think you will too!  I definitely would recommend this engaging, individualized instruction to anyone. You will love how easy it is to start up.  Students will be able to get on a placement test and the program differentiates lessons based on skill needs. It covers math, language, vocabulary, literature, writing, test prep and MORE! My students absolutely love their Moby time. The lessons are fun and engaging. My students are highly motivated and competitive trying to earn badges for their collection. It’s great for intervention or enrichment. I love that they can practice and reinforce skills at home. Teachers will love the detailed reports and data that can be used for progress monitoring. I promise you will see students improving in tons of areas because the program fills in those gaps. I’d love to share the Moby Love. MobyMax has graciously donated a membership to one lucky reader. To enter this giveaway all you will need to do is link up telling me something you are LOVING for the classroom.

I’ve been using the RainMate for years but just haven’t shared how much I LOVE it. It re-circulates the air, gently infusing it with the scent of your choosing.  I use peppermint or spearmint from NOW Essential Oils. They are highly concentrated and work wonders. The kids love the smell and all the teachers who have allergies like to come and stand in my room to breathe in the essential oils. Peppermint and Spearmint both offer the benefits of cooling, invigorating, revitalizing, stimulating. You can order from Amazon but I’ll be giving away one Rainmate to a lucky teacher who links up .

My last thing I've been loving is not really teaching related. Well, it sorta is because I'm always attending baby showers for adorable co-workers. I'm obsessed with photographs, fonts, and colors. I've found something that has all three. 
Meet these adorable LUCY DARLIN monthly stickers. I ordered a bunch for our gift shops. I'd like to giveaway a set. There are many options to choose from. Stickers for baby bellies or monthly stickers for babies. 

Happy Valentine's Day! I can't wait to see some of the things you are LOVING. It doesn't have to be school related.

Holiday Market Ideas

It's almost December which means I need to start planning for our First Grade Holiday Market. For the next two weeks our classroom will be turned into a factory of sorts. I'm still debating on a few last minute items to make. It's the best way I have found to teach our social studies standards on economics. 

I happen to love Market Days because it gives me a chance to get crafty. We do this every year. I've done Market days in the winter and also in the spring. After we do a week long unit on my Consumers and Producers we break into groups to create a product or service to sell. Comment below with your favorite craft for a chance to win the packet.

Here are some goods we've sold in the past:
chocolate dipped pretzels
chocolate dipped spoons
handprint ornaments
wrapping paper (butcher paper stamped with stamps)
hot chocolate

Most items are around $1. This way the students don't have worry too much about change. We do it as a grade level but you could easily do it as a class. You can invite parents, teachers, other students or have it just within your class.

We usually plan about a week getting organized, producing our product, and marketing our store. I show my students videos about starting a business. Our library has a great selection. The students also hung up advertisements around campus to drum up business. Last year my class raised over $300. We donated the money to a local charity. There are so many different twists you can do with Market! 

I have a cute booklet on tpt that covers wants, needs, goods, services, consumers, producers and income that I'd like to giveaway to three lucky followers. Just leave me a comment with your favorite holiday craft.  


October 1st and I feel like it's still the beginning of school. I sure hope everyone is getting into a routine and hopefully your plates aren't as FULL as mine.  I am so glad to link up with Farley for October's Currently. Fall is by far my favorite time of year. October is such a fun month.

Thinking- We can't wait til our annual trip to our favorite city. This will be our 6th time in 3 years to visit Asheville, North Carolina. It's kinda like Paris of the South. If you've never been to Asheville you are missing out. 

My trick is going to be technology related. My students are having a hard time remembering all of their logins and passwords so I laminated cards and have them sticky tacked to the computer. It has been working so far. Also to store headphones I found this great purchase. :)

My favorite computer app right now is blogstomp. It allows me to watermark my photos and make neat collages. I also love dollar photo club. I've been using it for non fiction pictures. You should give it a try. 

Dollar Photo Club

I still love Remind as well.  Do you text your class?

 Remind is a great way to communicate with parents and students. The best part -it's FREE! Remind allows you to send a quick text message to your parents or students without ever revealing your personal contact information. Parents can sign up to receive your messages by text or email. I've used this service for three years as reminders of important class events. I would remind parents of assignments due or special days at school! My parents loved Remind. It's so user friendly. It will not disappoint!
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